Smile bucks come with financial incentive

Published 10/09 2012 03:52PM

Updated 10/09 2012 05:29PM

CHAMPAIGN - URBANA -- A group is working to keep your dollars right here in town. It also hopes to help keep businesses afloat. The new program not only helps our local economy, it helps keep money in your wallet as well.

UC Smiles offers $1, $5 or $20 bills. You use them at places like Strawberry Fields just like normal money, but you get a 5% discount. It pays off in places all over town.

UC Smiles was created by a group of UI grad students and people who live in the area with the hope of boosting local business. In exchange, they hope to create more jobs.

You can get your hands on UC Smile bucks at the end of October. 40-businesses will officially start accepting them November 1.

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