Some back to work after tire fire, others looking for options

Published 07/09 2013 06:47PM

Updated 07/10 2013 10:53AM

HOOPESTON -- People are trying to get back on track after a huge fire sparked at a tire recycling facility last month. While some are heading back to work, others aren't sure where to turn.

Thirty-five people worked at the J&R Recycling. And of those, eight are back to work. The fire is still burning at the site. Sprinklers were on out there Tuesday afternoon and you can still smell smoke while you're driving into town.

Not much work happening there, but J&R drivers have their jobs back. They've been taking tires to Indiana to be processed. The owner says he told his workers to sign up for unemployment as soon as the fire started, but some are still waiting to get those checks.

Glen Troyer worked as a supervisor at J&R. He says he's not sure what to do now, with five kids to feed and house payments to make. Troyer says it's been a frustrating few weeks but he's holding out hope things will get better.

The owner says he planned to have a new facility set up in Danville, just days after the fire sparked. Then he could have put all his employees back to work there. But, he says, the EPA told him he had to leave the state and that's why he ended up taking his tires to Indiana.

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