Some jurors seated for murder trial

Published 05/07 2013 06:03PM

Updated 05/08 2013 12:39PM

Latest: 6:03 pm, 5/7/13 Tuesday
PEORIA COUNTY -- The stage is set for one of the biggest murder trials our area has ever seen. Tuesday, attorneys finished picking alternate jurors for the Chris Harris trial.

He's accused of killing five members of a Beason family in 2009. Both sides will give their opening statements Wednesday.

Latest: 4:56 pm, 5/6/13, Monday

PEORIA COUNTY -- Attorneys have filled the jury for Christopher Harris' murder trial. Seven women and five men will decide his fate.

He's accused of beating a family to death in the small town of Beason nearly four years ago. Four alternate jurors still have to be picked. They'll do that Tuesday. Opening statements are expected Wednesday.

Update: 10:05 pm, 5/2/13, Thursday
PEORIA COUNTY -- Attorneys have agreed on eight jurors in the trial of Christopher Harris. He's accused of killing Rick and Ruth Gee and three of their children in Beason in 2009.

Attorneys chose four more jurors Thursday, bringing the total to eight. Police say Harris and his brother, Jason, broke into the home intending to rob the family. Jury selection continues Friday.

Original: 5:08 pm, 5/1/13, Wednesday
PEORIA COUNTY -- Jury selection started Wednesday in the trial of a man accused of murdering a family in the small town of Beason. Christopher Harris is accused of killing Rick and Ruth Gee and three of their kids.

The judge officially seated three women and one man on the jury so far. Attorneys still have to pick 12 more people; eight jurors and four alternates.

Trying to find a non-biased jury will likely be the toughest part of the case since the murder was highly publicized in the media. Jury selection continues Thursday.

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