Some say one-way is wrong way

By Anna Carrera

Published 05/16 2014 10:39AM

Updated 05/16 2014 10:48AM

ST. JOSEPH -- Some people aren't happy about a new one-way street in town. They're Taking Action. The village board decided to change the traffic pattern on Meadow Circle so it only goes westbound. The section of road is only a block long.

It's one of about six one-way streets in town. Now that the sign is up, about 50 people signed a petition stating it was the wrong thing to do.

The board made the change so students at the dance studio here would be able to get inside safely. The way it's set up, the passenger side door faces the studio. That way, kids can run right inside without crossing the street.

Mayor Hackler says a committee will review the plan again and decide whether to keep it or change it back.

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