Some say too cold to wait for school bus

By Anna Carrera

Published 02/06 2014 05:24PM

Updated 02/06 2014 06:14PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Students went back to school Thursday after another snow day, but some parents say it was still too cold to have class. Families say they waited outside in the cold for buses to arrive. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera finds out why some buses were running late.

School leaders say some buses started running behind about 8 am, when traffic picked up, but the roads were still snowy. One woman, who has grandkids at Carrie Busey, says her problems started even before that.

"It was extremely cold and, of course, they had their coats, their scarves, their gloves, warm winter clothes on."

Mary Belz makes sure her four grandkids make it on the bus every morning.

"It was supposed to come at 7:10."

But, on days like this...

"The bus didn't come until 7:25."

it's not always a pleasant experience.

"The kids were getting too cold, their hands, their face. My youngest granddaughter started crying. I rushed them to come back."

The stop is down the street from her home, so they can't wait inside to watch for the bus and Belz says her street is usually lined with cars that early in the morning.

"That's why I don't park my car and wait on the street because it's just another vehicle that the bus has to maneuver around. It's just not safe."

The bus driver takes Belz's grandkids to Carrie Busey. Other kids around the city also had to wait since snowy streets slowed down traffic.

"If the bus wouldn't have come when it did, I would have called them in and just had them stay home."

Parents say they understand kids need to get to school, but worry when it gets this cold.

"Still, we're talking about children that are from five on up and they're in elementary school."

Belz hopes district leaders keep those kids in mind when they make the call next time. Belz says she's not upset, she just hopes the next time the weather gets this cold, they'll get a delay so it warms up a little bit before her grandkids have to catch the bus.

Champaign district leaders say school buses still ran full routes, some just got behind scheduled because of traffic and road conditions. They didn't see any other issues with equipment that would have caused more delays.

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