Southwest Champaign MTD Could Disband

Published 04/26 2012 03:28PM

Updated 04/26 2012 05:47PM

    The Southwest Champaign Mass Transit District was created six years ago to keep CUMTD buses out of the area but some think it's serving no purpose at all.
    District board member David Short says it may be time to say goodbye to the Southwest District.
    Everyone within the CUMTD District boundaries are paying taxes to the bus service but 75% of people in Southwest Champaign are also paying taxes to the Southwest MTD.  Short says that's not fair.
    He also thinks that the Southwest District is getting in the way of the service that people may want and some people agree.
    "I think whenever you have that big of growth this far West, you need the bus service also.  Especially in an age when gas is getting so expensive and people need to be using mass transit," said Carolyn Eden.  She lives in Southwest Champaign.
    Other board members say that aren't quite ready to disband the Southwest District.  They are hoping for feedback from people in the neighborhoods before they take any action.
    The Southwest District board members meet again in May.  Short says they will talk about the possibility of disbanding.    

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