Stage 2 water restrictions enacted

Update: 5:01 pm
DECATUR -- A new level of water restriction has been enacted, and it's one the city has never seen. Officials are making the latest round of restrictions the most serious the city has ever enforced. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger follows up Monday's Drought Water.

"We did see some rain over the weekend. It did not change the lake level. The 30 - 90 day forecast still shows below-average rainfall and above-average temperatures."

As Lake Decatur continues to drop, city leaders say they have no choice. A new, more severe round of water restrictions is on the way, beginning Thursday.

"If you are getting sick of seeing stuff like this brown, dry grass, you're going to have to get used to it for awhile. Part of these new restrictions, you're not allowed to water your lawn at all."

"I walk my dog in an area every morning and every evening, and people have been watering, even though the restrictions have been in place."

Dennis Davis hasn't been water his own lawn because it's so dry. He's happy to hear the city is stepping in to stop everyone else.

"This is setting records in history for no moisture, so, no, I agree with it."

And with these new restrictions; a warning for boaters. The city expects it will have to close the only remaining boat ramp next week on the lake.

The water is three feet below its normal summer level. That means if you want to get your boat out of the water, you'll have to do it sometime this week.

It's a bummer for Joe Hennington and his crew, but something he knew was coming.

"They got to do what they've got to do. I mean, it gets unsafe for boaters. I mean, you tear up your boat, you tear up your prop."

The restrictions will also close all car wash businesses. Some were not told by the city.

Original: 2:42 pm
DECATUR / MT. ZION / LONG CREEK -- All sources of water originating from Lake Decatur, the City of Decatur Public Water Supply, the Village of Mt. Zion Water Supply and Long Creek Water Supply are under mandatory stage 2 water restrictions.

1) Use of water from Lake Decatur is prohibited except for use by the City of Decatur and Archer Daniels Midland Company water treatment facilities.

2) Use of water to maintain lawns, landscape grass, golf course grass, athletic field grass, trees and shrubs is prohibited. It does not apply to water used to maintain vegetation inventories at commercial gardening, landscaping and plant nursery facilities.

3) The use of water to maintain gardens used to produce human food is allowed only under the following conditions:
    a) water must be poured from a bucket that is 5-gallons in volume or less
    b) water can only be used Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

For a complete list of stage 2 restrictions click here

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