State funding cuts put women in need on waiting list

Published 01/14 2013 05:27PM

Updated 01/14 2013 06:04PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- State funding cuts are making it harder for women in need to get preventative care.

One Champaign County health care worker said they've been putting women on a waiting list since Thanksgiving. More than 260 people are on that list now. That number doesn't include those who needed immediate care.

Women who have breast cancer symptoms are able to get mammograms a little quicker. Crissy Turino, who is the hotline coordinator for Champaign County Health Care Consumers, said that means women who are trying to be proactive are at a disadvantage.

"Women who could be finding out if they have cancer early on before they have any kind of symptoms, that means they're less likely to be able to get access to those services, less likely to catch the cancer and they're less likely to be able to get treated in a timely manner," said Turino.

There are some alternatives for people who can't afford health care, including programs with other health groups in the state and within individual counties. Health care leaders said they hope an expansion to Medicaid in the future will help ease their budget burdens.

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