State leader attends Mandela memorial

Published 12/17 2013 12:03PM

Updated 12/17 2013 12:06PM

PEORIA -- The world watched as tens of thousands remembered Nelson Mandela last week. Central Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock (R) led a delegation of congressional members from D.C. Maria Chandler sat down with him to discuss his trip, why he was picked to go and what Mandela's legacy means for our country's future.

He was in the air longer than he was on South African soil, but Congressman Aaron Schock says he wouldn't have missed the chance to be part of history.

"I think it shows someone who's gone through enormous struggle, wrongdoings against him, somebody would say, 'that's mean or nasty, or wrong done against me.' Really, there's not many of us who have much to compare to in terms of Nelson Mandela in terms of struggles within his personal life."

Even surrounding his trip to South Africa, some questioned why it was important for Schock to go. Tapped by the Speaker of the House to lead the delegation, the congressman says it brought people together, much like the man they were there to honor.

"It really spanned the ideological spectrum in Congress. Everyone from Ted Cruz, who is about as conservative as you can get, to leaders of the Black Caucus, who tend to be more liberal in the House."

He saw massive crowds of Mandela supporters. He saw a line of U.S. presidents unite. 100 heads of state. That handshake.

"I saw the handshake. I was sitting there and it didn't offend me because I thought what the President said was appropriate. What the President said was 'Shame on those leaders who embrace Nelson Mandela's record of freedom, opportunity, democracy, but fail to implement them in their own country.'"

Mandela the man may be gone, but Schock says we shouldn't lose sight of his vision and the need to implement his ideology in the United States now, more than ever.

"What we can take from his life, lessons learned. Apply it ourselves from a governing standpoint, but also individual Americans should take this from a man who has gone on and done great things."

Mandela was laid to rest Sunday in his childhood village.

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