State program will help veterans get affordable housing

Published 11/12 2012 04:36PM

Updated 11/12 2012 06:26PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Many people around the U.S. are honoring veterans. State leaders are putting new plans in place to help them after they've served our country. The plan would help them find more affordable housing.

Tens of thousands of veterans end up homeless after they get back from the service. Many of them are trying to get back on their feet.

A Veterans Day ceremony in Savoy honored those who bravely fought for our country. But after they get back, some of their battles are only just beginning.

"The world has changed a lot in 56 years," said Air Force veteran Ronald Williams. "When I first started driving, gas was $.23 a gallon."

And gas isn't the only thing that's more expensive now. Williams is still working toward having his own home after serving for almost a decade.

"What I really want to do right now is get work and get more independent," said Williams. "I'd like to be able to just take care of myself."

Now state leaders are trying to help. Governor Pat Quinn announced a new plan to help veterans afford a home. It's something Congressman-Elect Rodney Davis believes in too.

"That's one thing we have to do in Washington and have to do in Springfield is to get our fiscal house in order so we know that promises made to those veterans who have served are kept, not just the next two years but the next two decades and decades to come," said Davis.

The plan will also help college veterans. Many of them are older than the traditional student and some already have families. But whether old or young, veterans said they just want to be able to support themselves in the country they helped protect.

This latest program from the governor will be added to programs already in place to help veterans afford homes. Those include VA loan programs and other federal assistance. 

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