State ties together threads of mass murder, Part 1

Published 05/23 2013 05:01PM

Updated 05/23 2013 06:08PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- As the state wraps up its last day of testimony in the Christopher Harris murder trial, we're getting a different story of what might have happened the night five people were killed. Harris is charged with the murders. His cellmate from the Logan County Jail took the stand Thursday. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from the trial.

We've already heard from Chris' brother, Jason, who says Chris told him he killed the family. Now, we're getting a slightly different version from Ty Cline, Chris' cellmate. He says, after months of denying it, Chris told him everything. In an interview with investigators last year, Cline laid out what he says Chris told him happened that night.

The brothers went to Beason just as a place to land after a night spent partying. Chris knocked on the Gee's door, and Rick, the father, answered. He told him it was late and to go home. That's when Chris went back outside, grabbed a tire iron and beat the family to death.

He stole the laptop because he was worried about a security system the Gee's had. He said he should have just burned the house down to get rid of the evidence. Cline says Harris was calm and showed no remorse.

There were a lot of questions about the witness' credibility. Like Jason Harris, Cline is also getting a deal for testifying. He's spending 30-years in prison for murder, but now gets to do that in a medium-security prison instead of maximum-security.

Jason Harris claims the brothers went to Beason to have sex with the family's 16-year old daughter and that's when the fight started.

The defense says all of it's a lie. They argue the family's 14-year old son killed the family instead.

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