State ties together threads of mass murder, Part 2

Published 05/23 2013 05:02PM

Updated 05/23 2013 06:21PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- The state is wrapping up its case against Christopher Harris for the murder of five people in Beason in 2009. They've spent the past two weeks showing the jury why they think all the evidence points to him. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has been covering the trial from the beginning.

The state is wrapping up its final pieces in this trial, but not before a day of graphic testimony and photos to show jurors, one more time, just how brutal these murders were. A doctor took the stand Thursday. He performed autopsies on all five victims and testified, there's no doubt, the Gee's all died from repeated blunt force trauma to their heads.

Parents, Rick and Ruth were hit at least 13 times in the head. 16-year old Justina suffered eight blows. Dillen, the 14-year old, was hit in the head at least 30 times. 11-year old Austin was struck at least 20 times.

The doctor says it takes a lot of force to fracture a skull. That, plus the shape of the wounds he says mean only a weapon like a tire iron or crowbar could have been used.

The doctor also explained about defensive wounds he found. All of the victims had severe injuries on their hands, arms and shoulders. He says he sees that a lot when victims put up their hands to try to protect themselves from getting hit.

The defense is expected to start its case Friday. They say their star witness, Chris Harris, will be one of the first people to take the stand.

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