Stores compete against each other to help United Way

Published 11/20 2012 06:42PM

Updated 11/21 2012 01:35PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Stores are stepping up to help out this holiday season. Workers at Schnucks donated thousands of dollars from their own paychecks to the United Way of Champaign County. And they had some healthy competition.

Grocery store cashiers see all kinds of people.

"From lower class all the way to upper class, it's quite a wide demographic that we serve," said Gary Taylor, who is the Champaign store manager.

At Schnucks, they're trying to help them all. This time of year, they raise money for the United Way. Workers donate right out of their own paychecks.

"There are just a lot of needs in these times for people that need some help and it's just nice to be able to give back to this community which is just a fantastic community," said Dan Wheatsman, who is the Savoy store manager.

Taylor said they see the need. For many, it's a cause that's close to their hearts.

"There's a lot of people who work for us that would qualify for a lot of these United Way programs and even they help out the cause," said Taylor.

Store leaders up the ante each year and each location has a goal to reach during the fall fundraiser. Workers in Savoy, Champaign and Urbana compete against each other.

"Look forward to next year and seeing what we can do and if we can beat the other two stores," said Wheatsman.

But the competition is more friendly than fierce and workers said they're glad to help in any way they can.

"We like to be competitive with each other but we are still one team," said Taylor.

The three stores in the area pulled in about $38,000 for the cause. The Urbana store came out on top with about $14,000 by itself. 

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