Storm destroys barn; horses just hungry...

By Anna Carrera

Published 11/20 2013 06:23PM

Updated 11/21 2013 10:26AM

 HOMER -- Another one of Sunday's storms hit the Top Line Farm in southern Champaign County. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera finds out how everyone ran for cover.

The owner was giving riding lessons when it happened. They saw the storm coming. The owner says she's never seen one like that before and hopes she doesn't have to again.

"It was a normal time," said Kim Kennedy. "The wind was blowing, the barn rattled a little bit, but nothing more than usual."

But, when that storm got stronger, she started to get worried.

"All of a sudden, the rains just started going crazy and we looked out the door down there and it was just horizontal," said Kim. "I don't know how fast the winds were going, but it was pretty incredible. The next thing we knew, the transformer box just exploded and then the ceiling started pulling back."

She and her student split up to take cover and wait for the winds to pass.

"It was a bit surreal," said Kim. "Our hearts were going for quite a while. First order of business was to check on the horses, and miraculously, none of them were injured."

Even more surprisingly, Kim says the storm didn't even spook them.

"Even when we went to check on them afterwards, it was lunch time and they were kind of looking at us to see if we were ready to feed them," said Kim. "I was like, 'I'm glad you're not freaked out about it.'"

Somehow the storm which destroyed her barn didn't do much damage to her home, but she still has some work to do. But, Kim says that's OK. She's happy to be moving forward.

35 horses were at the farm at the time. Kim says about half are now staying with friends until things get settled, but she hopes to be back in business again soon.

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