Student mock vote

Published 10/16 2012 09:31PM

Updated 10/17 2012 09:12AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Most registered voters will hit the booths in three weeks, but some teens are already filling out ballots. Central High School held its "Rock the Mock Vote" Tuesday.

Students first watched a video showing the importance of voting then filled out ballots similar to the type adults will use November 3. It included the Presidential race and the proper Congressional and Senate District races based on where they live. Organizers hope it gets teens excited to register when they're old enough.

Tiffany Gholson, the school's social worker, says, "They were so nervous and felt like this was a big responsibility. And some students we had to explain individually why you want your voice to be heard and then they went to vote."

Tony Montgomery, a senior at CHS says, "I really wanted to actually vote this year. I just missed the vote. It feels good to do this but I would rather actually be there to vote and actually get the president in."

The Champaign County Clerk's office helped organize this event. Nearly every high school in the county is participating with each one operating as a "precinct." Almost 5,000 ballots were handed out. All votes will be counted Friday.

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