Students have more choice in lunch line

Published 08/20 2013 05:22PM

Updated 08/20 2013 06:05PM

URBANA -- As kids head back to school, they're finding more choices in their lunch lines. School leaders say it's helping keep kids happy and full.

Last year, the USDA laid down rules about what should be on each student's tray. But, the group is stepping back a bit this year.

One principal says the flexibility makes things a lot easier. Kids can be picky eaters, so giving them more options means you've got more happy faces.

Last year, students had to pick a fruit and vegetable to eat for lunch each day. This year, for the first day back at King Elementary, kids didn't have to choose a vegetable if they didn't want them.

Food is also being prepared with whole grains now. The principal says kids need good meals so they can get the most out of their day.

Students get to choose between four different entrees. Then, they can add fruits or vegetables to their trays. Kids also get to pick white or chocolate milk to drink.

Students get to have breakfast in the classroom with teachers in the morning. This year, they can get hot breakfasts as well.

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