Students prepare for armed guman

Published 05/07 2013 04:50PM

Updated 05/08 2013 09:33AM

CHARLESTON -- Some of the district's youngest students are practicing what to do if a gunman comes to their classroom. They're staying safe by being prepared.

On Tuesday, Carl Sandburg Elementary had a lock-down drill. Students dropped what they were doing and scrambled to their safe spots. They huddled in what is already a scary situation for some.

"The interior rooms have no lights whatsoever so during that whole drill, they were sitting in the dark," said principal Carl Burgett.

They're preparing for something even more frightening than that; an armed intruder.

"We work in conjunction with the local school district and law enforcement to make sure we stay on top of whatever procedures need to be in place to make sure our students are safe," said Charleston police detective Marlon Williams.

The idea is to make it look like the school is empty in case there were an actual intruder inside the hallways. Charleston police officers patrolled with the principals, practicing just like they did at the other schools this year. They made sure they didn't see or hear students until it was all over.

School leaders will meet with police to debrief later this week. Charleston's crisis team will have a special meeting next week to talk about more safety measures in the city.

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