Students react to possible strike

Published 09/23 2013 11:59AM

Updated 09/24 2013 09:17AM

 CHAMPAIGN -- Students signed on the dotted line Saturday, committing to their educations. They hope teachers and Unit 4 administrators will do the same.

Unit 4 teachers plan to strike if a contract agreement isn't met with the district. Some students support their teachers, but at the same time, believe education should be priority number one.

Central High School students signed their names, promising to focus on their education. They've committed to a class called Avid. it helps kids get ready for college and fill out applications.

"I've been looking at a lot of colleges because I want to go into veterinary medicine," junior Moses Lopez said.

His teachers have been his number one motivation.

"A lot of teachers stay after school until 7 or 8 o'clock at night to help students. They take off lunch to help students. They do a lot of extra," he said.

But in less than a month, his teachers might not be around. They want better pay and working conditions. And if the district doesn't give them the contract they want, teachers say they'll strike.

Teachers gave the district a 28 day warning this week. Now the clock is ticking. The district says if they up their pay, programs like Avid will be at risk.

Teachers will meet with the district for a bargaining session Wednesday. Both sides hope to reach an agreement.

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