Students report gun on school bus

SAVOY -- Parents are concerned about what could have been a dangerous situation at school. Leaders say kids told them an older student brought a gun on the bus, but officials never found any proof. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera talks to parents.

Some say the incident really scared them. Others say they weren't surprised, but are glad everyone is safe.

"Some students believed they saw another student with what appeared to be a gun or possibly a BB gun."

That raised a red flag for teachers at Carrie Busey Elementary. So, they sent a letter home with students.

"It's almost become commonplace, but it's always good to follow up and be assured to get to the bottom of the story and pursue it."

Some parents say they were scared to hear what happened Tuesday, but others say they're taking it in stride.

"Not blow it out of proportion, but also be aware of what could happen and what's going on."

"We take it very seriously."

A Champaign County deputy searched the school with the principal, but they never found proof anything happened.

"Even though we didn't find anything, there's certainly going to be discussion and we would rather present the facts as we know them versus having people go with second-hand knowledge."

People say they're just glad everyone is okay.

"Diffuse it in the proper manner and learn from it and move forward."

The school is working on the investigation with the sheriff's office. No word whether any disciplinary action will be taken.

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