Students spread holiday cheer over the phone

Published 12/13 2012 09:17PM

Updated 12/13 2012 10:24PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Students are taking a study break to spread holiday cheer.  It is called Dial-a-Carol and it has been a tradition at the U of I for more than 50 years.  Last year they sang almost 4,000 songs to anyone who gave them a call and hope to top that this year. 

    That could happen thanks to social media.  So far they've received calls from places like Japan and Ireland.  People can call and request to hear a song on the spot or send one to others. 

    If you call, you'll hear the students at Snyder Hall sing you a carol.  Volunteers are manning the phones 24/7 throughout finals week. 

    "It's a lot of chaos and it's definitely like the most fun we could have during finals week," said Warren D'Souza.  He is a freshman living in Snyder. 

    Instead, they head to the common room of the dorm and nothing is off limits. 

    "Apparently I discovered that I have a really good singing voice as a baritone so I've been doing all the low parts," said D'Souza. 

    "You really hear the happiness in their voice or they're just pleasantly surprised cause I think they don't think that we're gonna be as excited as we are," said Stelmach. 

    If you want to hear a carol, you can reach Dial-a-Carol at 217.332.1882. 

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