Study finds rough roads across country

Published 07/29 2013 04:08PM

Updated 07/29 2013 06:43PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Roads in the U.S. are getting a bad report card from drivers. Now there's data to back it up.

A new study shows nearly half the nation's roads are considered in poor condition. Illinois' ranking is pretty glum too. 38% of the country's roads are in poor condition. 22% of Illinois' roads are in that category.

The study comes amid a push from some transportation advocates to raise the gas tax in Illinois. They say it's necessary to bring in new money to keep our roads repaired.

An informal WCIA-3 News survey shows local truckers say our roads are a lot better than some other states around us. The good news is 32% of Illinois' roadways are in "good" condition. But, the transportation advocates say it's only a matter of time before those roads go downhill.

But, deteriorating roads are a problem across the country. The group doing the study says the country should spend $85 billion a year for upkeep, but the nation currently only spends half.

The worst road according to viewers on Facebook is Market Street in Champaign between Olympian and Ford Harris. There's even a sign posted stating "rough road."

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