Substitutes to make more

Published 10/25 2012 10:11PM

Updated 10/26 2012 09:00AM

Update: 10:22 pm, 10/25/12, Thursday
DANVILLE -- Substitute teachers in the district will soon make more money. The school board voted Wednesday night to boost pay by $10/day.

They'll now make $95/day. Retired teachers who substitute will also see an increase to $115/day. It puts the district more in line with other communities.

Original: 5:17 pm, 10/24/12, Wednesday

DANVILLE -- Substitute teachers could see a higher number on their paychecks. The school board votes Wednesday night whether to raise their pay. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out how much income is on the line.

Substitutes make $85/day. Board members are considering raising it to $90/day, to stay competitive and keep subs in the district.

"Teaching was the best part of my day. It's the thing I love to do most."

Esther Hopper taught at Northridge Middle School for 30-years. She retired, but couldn't stay away for long. It's a passion she couldn't let go of. Four years ago, she came back as a sub.

"This is an opportunity to still teach more than once or twice a week. I know the routine. I know what's expected. I know a lot about the curriculum."

But, one big part of her routine could change. Board members are considering increasing substitute pay by $5, but substitutes like Hopper would make a special daily rate of $115/day.

Three to four subs teach in some classrooms daily, and even though most aren't permanent fixtures at the school, they realize that subs like Hopper make a difference.

"If you really want us, then it shows that we are of value and you appreciate what we do."

The board will discuss the increase at Wednesday night's meeting at 6:30. Substitutes in Champaign make $90/day, those in Decatur and Springfield make $95/day.

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