Summer program teaches skills & saving

Published 06/11 2013 05:15PM

Updated 06/11 2013 05:29PM

CHAMPAIGN -- A group of high-schoolers are learning how to save. The Summer Youth Employment Program and Busey Bank are teaching them how to be responsible when it comes to money. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw finds out how it all happens.

All the kids in the program have part-time jobs this summer. They were matched with companies to learn skills they'll used long after the summer.

"I learn how to work. I learn how to progress your work, how to multi-task."

Now Jelane Buchanan will learn another valuable skill; how to save for his future.

"It's a good idea to make a plan."

Representatives from Busey Bank talked to the students Tuesday about just that. They also helped the students set up savings accounts.

"This is a perfect age group to start where they hopefully don't have that overhead cost, so they can take that money and understand building on something and not spending it all."

The kids are all part of Champaign Unit 4's Summer Youth Employment Program. They're matched with companies in fields their interested in. They work part-time and learn skills.

"They showed me ways, if I had to go out for an interview at another job, what to say, how to dress."

The students also earn money and are encouraged to save. Busey offered an incentive. If the kids can save up to $200 at the end of summer, Busey will match it.

"That way we can really give them a jump start in this market being able to save."

It also shows kids the benefits of being fiscally responsible. It's something students like Buchanan know will come in handy down the line.

"People who want to go to college and can't get scholarships. They can save up for that or, if they want to get an apartment."

There are 130-kids in the program. They'll make minimum wage. They'll need to save $70 every paycheck to meet that goal.

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