Suspected burglars lead police to their door

Published 10/09 2013 02:11PM

Updated 10/10 2013 12:03PM

Update: 10:06 pm
DECATUR -- Two suspects in a burglary left a trail of evidence which led police to their doorstep. Authorities say Terry Jones and Nichole Haines broke into Victory Health Mart Friday night.

They say the pair stole prescription drugs and left a trail of pills. The drugs lined the parking lot all the way to their home across the street.

Then, employees say the suspects showed up Saturday morning to ask if everyone was OK. They were arrested hours later. Employees say a safe with $1,800 in it was stolen as well.
Original: 2:11 pm
DECATUR -- Suspects in a burglary led authorities right to their door. Police were called to Victory Health Mart on William Street.

Someone broke in, stole pills and the store's safe, then left a trail of pills to a home right across the street.

Terry Jones and Nichole Haines were arrested. Officials say they found the safe, pills and pill bottles in the residence. Both face multiple charges.

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