Taking care of orphaned wild animals

Published 04/21 2013 05:57PM

Updated 04/22 2013 10:19AM

SAVOY -- People came to learn about helping orphaned baby animals at the University of Illinois Medical Clinic's Wildlife Baby Shower. Workers there take care of dozens of wildlife orphans each year.

The most common are raccoons, squirrels, rabbits and opossums. Students said it's important to teach people what to do if they see those abandoned animals in their own backyards.

"Wildlife are really becoming our neighbors so we're interacting with them more on a daily basis," said second-year student Nicki Rosenhagen. "We're kind of moving into their territory so there's a lot more interface with us. It's important for people to know, who want to help, how to help the animals, how to find out if the animal needs help."

People could also check out the clinic's resident hawks and owls. Birds are high on the list of orphaned animals during spring and summer. This is the second year the clinic has put on a shower like this. Students also do other fundraisers during the year.

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