Teen sentenced for shooting cousin with flare gun

By Anthony Antoine | aantoine@wcia.com, Lindsey Gordon

Published 08/01 2014 03:53PM

Updated 09/03 2014 06:19PM

Latest: 6:05 pm, 9/3/14, Wednesday
URBANA -- An area teen is sentenced to probation after shooting his younger cousin with a flare gun. He will serve two years probation, plus 50 hours of public service. The shooting took place July 1, on Hawthorne Drive. The teen pleaded guilty last month to reckless discharge of a firearm after shooting his 8-year old cousin in the head. The boy is still recovering in a nursing home.
Update: 10:47 pm, 8/1/14, Friday
URBANA -- An 8-year old boy gets shot with a flare gun. His teenager cousin is charged, but now there could be another person responsible.

Champaign County State’s Attorney Julia Rietz says there was more than one gun found at the home where the shooting happened. Now they want to know who both guns belong to.

The 15-year old was in court Friday and admitting shooting his cousin. The new information won’t change what’s happening to him.

On July 1, in the 800-block of Hawthorne Street, in Urbana, the 8-year old was shot. Originally, the teen said the shooting was an accident, claiming the gun was in a backpack, hit the floor and went off.

In court Friday, he admitted pulling the trigger. He has been charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, a low-level felony.

State’s Attorney Julia Rietz says this allows them to keep his case in juvenile court.

"This appears to not have been an intentional act, but rather a very poor decision on his part to point the firearm at his cousin and pull the trigger, but not an intentional act to hurt," said Rietz.

With that in mind, Rietz hopes he has the chance to get services, so he can stay out of trouble in the future.

Police say there was also a handgun in the house. They believe that and the altered flare gun may belong to an adult relative who lived there and is on parole. They have issued a warrant for that person.

The teen will be sentenced September 3. The child who was shot is still recovering.
Original: 3:53 pm, 8/1/14, Friday
URBANA -- An area teen has admitted shooting a flare gun into the head of his 8-year old cousin. The 16-year old is charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. The shooting happened July 1, in the 800-block of Hawthorne Drive.

The teen originally told police the gun was in a backpack and accidentally went off when it hit the floor. He will be sentenced September 3.

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