Teenager indicted after parking lot brawl

Published 07/10 2013 09:43PM

Updated 07/11 2013 11:32AM

BLOOMINGTON -- One Central Illinois teenager has been indicted following a large brawl last month. A McLean County grand jury indicted 18-year old Gabriella Calhoun on aggravated battery to an officer and resisting arrest following an incident at Denny's.

Wednesday, she said she's the victim of police brutality. June 29, Calhoun and her friends were at Denny's when police say a fight involving hundreds of people broke out. Calhoun said that she was not involved.

"A lot of altercations broke out. Not between me and my people, but different people. I'm not aware or know who they are."

But what happened afterwards is under question. As police cleared out the restaurant, they accuse Calhoun of attacking an officer, which led to an altercation involving two officers.Mayor Tari Renner said he has seen the tapes.

"I've heard the audio. It's quite clear that this young woman did attack a police office and even admitted she attacked a police officer."

The altercation allegedly left Calhoun with several injuries, but Renner says his officers did nothing out of order.

"She basically attacks one police officer and the female police officer threw her down. That's going to happen if you attack a police officer. They're going to put you on the ground."

Calhoun will not talk about what she recalls from that night because of the ongoing investigation. However, she says she accepts full responsibility for her part in the incident, but insists she did nothing to warrant what she calls "excessive force" by the police.

"I don't think I deserved anything that happened to the standpoint that it did, so I'm going to do every thing I can to be clean and make it right."

A spokesperson for Calhoun says her family will file a formal complaint with police and thinks an outside agency should conduct an investigation.

"Both of my front teeth are fake and the one below it is fake. The scars that now are on my face, my shoulder, and even on my leg. I feel like the abuse was overrated. It wasn't even called for."

The mayor says police did nothing wrong, but Calhoun, a collegiate honor student in Texas, says she intends to fight for what she thinks is justice. Mayor Renner says surveillance video will be made available to the media possibly as soon as Thursday.

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