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URBANA -- Teens are singing a different tune. They say violence isn't the answer in their neighborhoods.  URBANA -- Teens are singing a different tune saying violence isn't the answer. They're part of a group called IMG: The ILL Music Group. They've been together since December; long before the shootings started. Members want the community to know that not all teens are looking for trouble. "If you go to a place like Chicago, a shooting there is not really acknowledged," said Nailah "La" Davis, who is 16 years old. "I've actually been in a situation where people literally walk right past it. But we don't want to be another Chicago." Other members include Jonathan "J-Ward" Ward, Jamie "J Tune" Gaston, Irsen "Nevy" Campuzano and Reno "R.V.T." Hines. They are producers, photographers and artists. They make all kinds of music, including hip hop and R&B. The teens are also working on a non-violence PSA. To find out more about them click here.