Tenant Union Says Renters Insurance is Critical

Published 03/30 2012 06:24PM

Updated 03/30 2012 06:45PM

URBANA -- People are still without furniture and clothes after a fire ripped through an apartment complex on Wednesday.  The U of I Tenant Union said this is prime example why tenants should get renters insurance.

"How much extra do you spend on food, eating out, renters insurances is less money than that," explained U of I Tenant Union Coordinator Esther Patt.  "It's worth it because you can loose everything in a fire."

The blazed destroyed Stone Gate Village Apartment Building "T" located at 2403 W. Springfield Ave. in Champaign around 3:42 a.m.
No one was hurt, but 15 tenants were displaced and many didn't have renters insurance.


The Champaign Fire Department also encourages people to get the insurance, it said too often they see people not have it, and lose everything.

"It's good to have Renter's insurance in case oops you started the fire and the landlord comes to you for damages to the apartment you've got liability coverage as well ad it will also pay for a hotel if a fire or a tornado forces you from your home," said Patt.

The fire department said it was the smoking material that started the fire, and it wont press charges since it was an accident.

The apartment owners, Royse and BrinkMeyer, have set up a website to help those who lost everything. 




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