Testimony provides timeline after murders, Part 1

Published 05/17 2013 05:03PM

Updated 05/23 2013 11:38AM

PEORIA COUNTY -- We're getting a better idea of how Christopher Harris spent the hours after police say he beat a family to death. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from court.

One of Christopher Harris' ex-girlfriends took the stand Friday. The pair dated on and off for a few years. She was with Chris the morning after the murders. She says they hung around her house most of the day and said Chris looked, sounded and acted normal, "same old Chris."

They took photos together that afternoon. Chris was smiling. He didn't have any injuries to his face or head. Kristy says she didn't see any cuts or bruises on him either, except for a blister on his right hand. He told her it was from cutting trees.

Kristy says Chris called her later that day to tell her he'd just heard the Gee's were dead. She says he was calm and seemed like he didn't know anything about it. Kristy is one of the women Chris tried to see the night before the murders. She says it was all about sex.

Prosecutors have already shown Harris' bloody hand and shoe prints were inside the home. The defense admits he was there, but says he isn't the one who killed the family.

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