Testimony provides timeline after murders, Part 2

Published 05/17 2013 05:04PM

Updated 05/23 2013 11:40AM

PEORIA COUNTY -- A picture of who Chris Harris is is developing in the Beason murder trial. So is a possible motive for why he went to the Gee house that night in 2009. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels had details of the case.

The prosecution is trying to portray Christopher Harris as a killer, but so far, those who've been on the stand who know him, say that's just not Chris. His brother, Jason, is testifying against him, but still calls Chris the "most gentle person you'd ever meet in your life."

Transcripts show, right after the murders, police asked Jason if Chris is a fighter. Jason replied, "no, he's a runner, unless he got cornered." That plays to the defense's theory that the family's 14-year old, Dillen, killed the family, and Chris had to kill him in self-defense.

We've also heard from two of Chris' ex-girlfriends who both say he never raised a hand to them and was never abusive in any way. In a letter to one of them from jail, Chris writes, "I'm sure you can vouch I'm not as bad a person the media has made me out to be."

That same girlfriend described him as the type of guy who needed sex every day. If she said, "no," he'd throw a fit until he got his way. It helps the prosecution which is trying to prove Chris went to the Gee home to have sex with their 16-year old daughter, when he couldn't get it anywhere else that night.

Testimony continues Monday. The prosecution is still laying out its case. Then it will be the defense's turn. That's when Chris Harris will give his side of the story.

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