The Arcade in Our Town

Published 06/12 2013 06:15PM

Updated 06/12 2013 06:33PM

PAXTON -- Have you ever had one of those days when you crave every type of food? Mexican, American, Hawaiian...those days when literally everything sounds good?

If that sounds like you, The Arcade in Our Town could be your saving grace. Covering all of the historic stories in Our Town can make a girl hungry, so we went downtown to find something to eat.

"This is our go-to place," Suzanne Alt said.

"It's a family operation and they are fantastic people," Les Foster said.

He's talking about the Rodriguez family, owners of The Arcade for nearly eight years.

"Pretty much every single customer, we know them. It makes a big difference. The small town, I love it," Silvia Rodriguez said.

With everything from American to Hawaiian to Mexican food in the kitchen, they've got your craving covered.

"What is the best thing on the menu? I like the breakfast, the skillets. I get the Greek skillet."

"So they have Greek food too?"

"Yes," Alt said. "You can never go wrong with a cheeseburger."

So we know people flock to this place for the variety and the atmosphere but there's something else we needed to know.

"Do you know why it's called The Arcade?"

"It's been The Arcade forever!"

"I have no clue. You'll have to ask Silvia."

"It's been here forever, but I don't really know." Rodriguez said.

The name might be a mystery but there's one thing for sure.

"These people are as good as it gets," Foster said. "I think we feel like we are all family."

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