The Blagojevich Name

Published 03/16 2012 02:14PM

Updated 03/16 2012 06:27PM

    Here in Illinois, we all know the name Rod Blagojevich. And, we all have our own opinions about him. But our former governor is now a resident of a new state, so what do people there think? WCIA-3's Steve Staeger finds out.
    Many people we've talked to say Rod Blagojevich probably picked this place because fewer people know him. We decided to test that theory, and we brought along a little something to help.     "He was probably the worst governor we've ever had. And I think that will go down. He'll be remembered for that. He ruined a lot of lives."
    Pete Pirrera doesn't hide the way he feels about Rod Blagojevich. In fact, he puts it right out there for everyone to see, in the window of his Springfield flower shop.
    "I put it in my window for what I thought would be just for a week and here we are over a year later and he's still drawing attention every day from visitors."
    We always got a little kick out of the cut-out and we wondered what others would think, so we convinced Pete to let us take it on our journey.
    "Bring him back in good condition."
    We grabbed the former governor from the window, loaded him up and left the Capital City en route to a mile high one. Not without checking a few sites along the way. But, once we got to this colorful state, it was all business.
    "Who is this guy?"
    "As far as i know he's a crook."
    "Do you know how this guy is?"
    "Well, I placed him as somebody being on a TV series."
    But, in this study, the one thing we found more difficult than identifying the face was identifying the name.
    "Do you know who this guy is?"
    "Yes, I do."
    "Who is he?"
    "The governor of Illinois, Blockovich or whatever."   
    "What's his name?"
    "It starts with a B. Blagonovich or something like that."
    "Do you know who this guy is standing next to me?"
    "Rob Jiblibkowski."
    But, for as many flubbed names as we heard, we did run into a few people who had a pretty good idea who their new neighbor was.
    "Do you know who this guy is?"
    "What if I told you this was the former governor of Illinois?"
    "Well, I wouldn't be surprised because the look on his face is kind of a look of position that I can't believe I'm actually being prosecuted."
    Unlike the real Rod Blagojevich, this guy isn't sticking around here. He's making the trip back with us, and he'll be back in that Springfield flower shop window next week. But, for now, we're in Littleton, CO. Steve Staeger, WCIA-3 News.

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