The end of testimony in Harris' mass murder trial, Part 1

Published 05/29 2013 04:28PM

Updated 05/29 2013 05:23PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- After 15 days of evidence and testimony, both sides in the Christopher Harris murder trial are done. Harris is accused of killing five members of the Gee family in 2009. The defense rested first thing Wednesday morning, giving the state a chance to counter. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels was in court.

The entire case wrapped up a little earlier than expected. The defense was supposed to call two more witnesses; Chris' ex-wife, Nicole Gee, and their daughter, Alyssa. But, they never took the stand.

Instead, the state called rebuttal witnesses to try to chip away the defense's theory that 14-year old Dillen was violent and the one responsible for the murders. School records show the teen was written up hundreds of times, but his former teachers say they were mostly for petty things, like showing up to class without a pencil and paper.

On the flip side, they said Dillen had more reward points for good behavior than many of the other students in the classroom. They described his behavior as pretty typical for a student with ADD.

He was often frustrated with his schoolwork, but otherwise energetic, curious and funny. Dillen's middle school wrestling coach said Dillen had a positive attitude, but struggled with the sport because he wasn't aggressive enough on the mat. Closing arguments are set for Thursday morning.

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