The Goals Project helps teens succeed

By Anna Carrera

Published 06/30 2014 04:38PM

Updated 06/30 2014 08:11PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Jobs can be hard to come by but a Champaign County program is helping teen moms find them. It's part of The Goals Project; a non-profit supporting young parents. The group wrapped up a series of workshops about doing job interviews. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has more.

Organizers say they're proud of the results. Three teen moms who took classes ended up interviewing for, and getting, jobs. One says she's excited for the next step in her life.

When you become a mom, a lot of things change, from what you do all day to what you spend your money on.

"Diapers are not cheap and the bigger he gets, the more diapers cost for less in a pack, which is ridiculous and really what we need."

So says teen mom, 16-year old Nadia Diaz. She says WIC helps pay for some groceries, but to take care of the rest, she knew she needed a job, so she started taking classes from the Goals Project.

"When we have our meetings, they say, 'Oh, do you know who's hiring?' And we get different feedback from everyone."

She was already going there to learn more about taking care of her son, Nolan, but these lessons were a little different.

"One of our sayings is, 'Don't wear pajamas outside the house.' You always want to give off a good impression every time you meet someone."

She's met a lot of someone's lately, interviewing at a few different places. And her training paid off.

"I'm so proud I got a job. And the interviews were really, I was nervous, but I knew I could do it."

Diaz says, it just goes to show, even though things change, your goals don't have to.

"Just because you have a baby, doesn't make you different from anybody else. You have all the opportunities everyone else has. You just have a little bit more trouble getting there, but you can do anything you want to do, just like anyone else can."

Diaz says, along with the group, her family has been supportive through all of this. She'll be a senior in high school this fall and says she still plans to keep working. After that, she plans to go to the University of Illinois and study veterinary medicine.

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