The Price of Texting & Walking

Published 05/14 2012 05:28PM

Updated 05/14 2012 05:50PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Texting and walking. It's something most people probably do these days. Sometimes you just want to send a quick message or email before you get where you're going. But, in one city, it could cost you a lot of money.
    It's true for people in a small New Jersey city. If they get caught, it's an $85 fine.
    Today, we saw a few people on Green Street texting and walking. Some even did it while crossing the street.
    That's exactly why the police chief in Fort Lee, NJ, is enforcing the ban; because people don't pay attention and get hurt. Fort Lee has had quite a few accidents because of it. 23-people have been hit. Three died. In addition to the fee, people would also get a ticket.

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