The week ahead in Christopher Harris' murder trial

Published 05/12 2013 10:02PM

Updated 05/13 2013 01:30PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- After a week of gruesome pictures and sickening stories, jurors will head back to court Monday for day four of Christopher Harris' mass murder trail. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has a preview of what to expect this week.

Friday, prosecutors left off playing a tape of an interview with Harris nine days after the murder. So far, the police tell Harris they found his shoe prints inside the home, and Harris flatly denies it saying he thought the murders were random.

Harris is accused of killing five members of the Gee family and severely injuring the family's 3-year old daughter in 2009. Harris has since admitted killing the 14-year old boy, claiming he walked in on Dillen killing the family.

By playing the tape, prosecutors are trying to show how inconsistent Harris' stories have been. They say he's changed it several times.

Also this week, the prosecution is expected to call a doctor to testify about the killings, how gruesome they were and why a 14-year old couldn't have carried them out, obviously chipping away at the defense's theory. The state is also expected to call its key witness, co-defendant Jason Harris. He's expected to testify against his brother in exchange for a reduced sentence.

He won't be the only Harris to take the stand. The defense has said Christopher will testify when the defense starts its case in a few weeks.

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