Tips for avoiding coyote attacks

By Amanda Porterfield |

Published 03/06 2014 10:26PM

Updated 12/10 2014 09:20AM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- There have been several coyote attacks in the area in recent weeks. Trappers say there are ways to avoid them. Don't leave food out on the back porch, including bird seed or pet food. Keep animals and small children inside at night.

If you do go out late, take something noisy which will scare an animal away. Steve Beckman owns All Things Wild and says he's trapped three coyotes in just two weeks.

"If you have a dog that you're out walking and a coyote approaches you, take your dog on the lead and walk towards the coyote. That usually will turn them and run. If you run from the coyote it might chase you. But if you walk towards it and stay big a lot of times they'll turn and go," says Beckman.

Small dogs like Jack Russell terriers who are fiesty can be more of a target because they are little dogs which think they're big. In some cases, they'll go outside to confront a coyote. So pay attention to the reasons why your dog wants to go outside at night. 

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