Tom Pliura Reacts To Losing 51st State Senate District Primary

Published 03/20 2012 10:31PM

Updated 03/20 2012 10:45PM

51st State Senate District candidate Tom Pliura conceded the republican primary race to his opponent Chapin Rose. Here's what he told us during a phone call afterwards.

"Got to keep your head up. The sun's going to rise tomorrow and we'll move on. Hopefully we opened some eyes and had some thought provoking campaign issues that people will think about."

On what running in his first election has taught him . . .
"I've had my eyes opened, that's for sure. I think I understand why the state of Illinois is in the situation that it's in right now. I fully and clearly understand that. Being involved in this process has opened my eyes to why our state is in the situation it's in. I have a greater depth of understanding on that now."
"It's difficult to beat someone in politics that's been in, that has a foothold on things."
"One of the things is, I didn't realize what I was up against in this process. From having people take down your signs to some of the negativity. But I guess that's politics."

On being called a liar in some political ads . . .
"I wasn't prepared for that. I have never ever been called a liar before. That was a little difficult to stomach. And I think that's probably why you have common people that don't want to dive into that (politics)."

On what he thinks of his opponent Chapin Rose . . .
"I wish him the best of luck, congratulate him. I just hope for the best for the people of Illinois."

On whether or not he'll run for office in the future . . .
"I don't know. I am right now just trying to digest everything. I definitely will be smarter the next time around."

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