Too little, too late for farmers and rain

Published 07/09 2012 10:23PM

Updated 07/19 2012 01:38PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Monday's break in the scorching temperatures and Sunday's scattered showers are little relief to farmers. Farmers face a big problem throughout Central Illinois, losing their crops. Jeff Fisher farms more then 1500 acres in Champaign County.

He said, "We're losing yield everyday, probably every hour."

Yesterday's rain did not help.

"This time of year, when the ear is filling, these, all of these leaves should be green," said Fisher. 

The leaves are slowly burning and turning brown, and it is worse in Douglas County. Larry Dallas has been working in the field there for more than 50-years.

"This is about as bad as I've seen," said Dallas.

The outlook is not much brighter.

"We need 2-3" immediately and then an inch a week after that," said Dallas.

Further south, it is just as bleak.

"We're sort of at the point where you begin to think we're just going to have to make due with what's there," said Gene Barkley.

He works out of Edgar County where there's been even less rain.

"The rain shut off. Actually, the first of May was our last decent rain," said Barkley.

That has him worried he could lose half his crop.

"I assume someday it will rain but we're running out of time," Barkley.

Barkley says he will have a better idea of how much crop he will lose at the end of this week.

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