Tougher laws for drunk drivers

Published 07/05 2013 09:02PM

Updated 07/08 2013 06:39PM

SPRINGFIELD -- A new law to prevent drunk driving calls for greater accountability when offenders get behind the wheel. It means an extra set of eyes will be watching.

The crackdown on drunk driving in Illinois just got stricter. As of July 1, people convicted of DUI won't just have deal with using a breath alcohol ignition interlock device.

"DUI offenders will be required to have an in-car camera technology with every BAIID installation," said Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

White says it should help keep offenders from cheating the system.

"The in-car camera technology provides additional accountability and it eliminates any doubt that the user of the BAIID is in fact the DUI driver," said White.

White says drunk driving deaths in Illinois have dropped by 24% since 2009. That's the first year first time offenders were required to use a BAIID.

"BAIID works because it prevents cars from being driven by drunk drivers," said White.

Two years after that, Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave Illinois a 5-star rating for efforts to combat drunk driving.

"The state does everything they can to keep our roads as safe as they can, it comes down to personal responsibility, and individuals need to be the ones to make the choice not to drink and drive," said Kristi Hosea, MADD.

Drivers convicted of DUI can also choose to opt out of a monitoring device driving permit. But if they're caught driving a vehicle during while suspended, they could be subject to a class four felony.

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