Town targeted by bike thieves

Published 07/02 2013 06:10PM

Updated 07/03 2013 03:50PM

TILTON -- Families are on the lookout after a number of bikes have disappeared the past few weeks.

At Jennifer Flores's house, bikes are now under lock and key.

"We're chaining them up here so hopefully we don't have that problem again," said Flores. She already lost two bikes earlier this week. The thieves used a garbage can to jump her backyard fence and steal the bikes.

Flores is just one of the victims. Although only two cases have been formally reported, neighbors sat least half a dozen bikes have mysteriously gone missing. They disappear from porches, lawns, and even car sheds.

Heather Kelemenick was hit twice.

"They have to go physically around my husband's Harley just to get to them," said Kelemenick. She's upset the theif walked into her garage to take her son's bicycle.

Tilton Police say they've been investigating. They do have a suspect, but still caution families not to be an easy target.

"Make sure you put your bike away," said Chief Steve Cornett. "Don't leave it on the front lawn and lock it if you can."

Not all families are as lucky as the Flores family. Officers were able to find one of their missing bikes. It had been abandoned in the middle of the road a few blocks away.

"We like riding our bikes so now we're doing this," said Flores as she double-checks the bike lock on her bicycles.

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