Trio Arrested in Credit Card Scam

Published 05/04 2012 04:28PM

Updated 05/04 2012 04:30PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Three people are accused of being involved in a major credit card scam after a routine traffic stop. Police pulled the car over on I-55 after midnight Wednesday morning near the Clearlake exit.
    A search yielded nearly $20,000 in cash, dozens of credit cards and documentation showing the three took multiple cash advances at various locations including a gambling casino. Open beer bottles were also found in the car.
    Continued investigation led to the discovery of luggage and a computer at a motel room in Troy which were confiscated.
    42-year old Bo Zheng, of Brooklyn, NY, 49-year old Koki Kumagai, of Hiroshima, Japan, and 48-year old Noboru Urushidani, of Hiroshgashini, Japan face charges of forgery.
    Authorities are still investigating.

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