Triplet valedictorians have lots to be proud of

Published 05/23 2014 01:28PM

Updated 05/23 2014 05:32PM

NORMAL -- A set of triplets is graduating. They also share the title of valedictorian. Rose Ann Aragon has the story.

Triplet valedictorians. That means each of these fraternal Schueler siblings at Normal U-High fought for a 4.0 GPA all four years. Hannah, Ethan and Charlea.

"I think it was a goal for all of us to be."

"We were excited that we had actually reached that goal."

"Not everyone can say they were valedictorian of their high school and I know I'm not alone in this either."

They are three of just more than 20 students graduating at the top. But these three say they're inseparable.

"You just go to each other. I think that's the main thing. You always have someone to go to. Your best friend may not be there, but your siblings always will be."

That's exactly what they are; siblings.

"We try to beat each other out, I guess, and let's see who can get the best grade."

"They're extraordinarily competitive. They compete with each other on a regular basis."

Mr. Mark Adams is their speech and debate coach and their teacher.

"There's always those students that you know you can count on for always taking the 'excellence' choice. Those three were some of those students."

This is the first time he's ever seen triplet valedictorians. The Schueller's do everything; music, speech, debate and more. They say they never could achieve alone.

"The teachers here are willing to work as much as you're willing to work. That's what I like about U High, what it has offered for us."

"U High has pushed us to be well-rounded people."

And they can't forget their family.

"My parents, they're really motivating."

"They've always been pushing us to do our best."

That's exactly what these triplet valedictorians did. The siblings will be competing at different universities in the fall. Charlea and Hannah will continue their education at Illinois State University while Ethan goes to Washington University.

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