Two Businesses Looking for Bus Service in Southwest Champaign

Published 04/18 2012 04:26PM

Updated 04/18 2012 06:17PM

    The Champaign County YMCA and Windsor West apartments are both in Southwest Champaign.  People say they are having a hard time getting around there if they don't have a car.  
    Alice Ore lives at the Windsor of Savoy.  She visited the YMCA last week with some other residents and now she wants to become a member but she can't drive.
    "There's no bus service that goes out there," said Ore.
    So the YMCA is trying to fix that.  They went to the Champaign Southwest MTD's board meeting along with people with Windsor West apartments.  They want buses to stop at their businesses.
    "I think MTD would be a good thing to work on," said Ore.
    "I think that a bus system would be great because there are a lot of people living around here that would be interested in going there too I'm sure," said Kenneth Lansing.  He also lives at The Windsor.
    Getting service out there could be a challenge. The YMCA and Windsor West are outside of CUMTD's area and the Southwest district doesn't offer any bus services.
    Windsor residents just hope a solution is reached soon.
    "We could be members and we could go out as often as we needed too," said Ore.
    "There are people here who enjoy walking and that indoor walking track is just very nice," said Lansing.
    Regency Apartments owns Windsor West.  The CEO says he hopes CUMTD and the Southwest district can come to an agreement before the end of the summer.
      Champaign Southwest MTD says they'll discuss the issue again the next month's meeting.

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