Two shootings in two days

By Amanda Porterfield |

Published 05/24 2014 07:17PM

Updated 05/27 2014 10:02AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Police are investigating two shootings on North State Street in just two days. In the most recent shooting, a teenager was hurt. It happened about 9:30 pm, Friday, near Eureka and State streets. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield talked to neighbors who plan to put a stop to it.

Lights, police, caution tape, gunshots; all things which usually make people stay inside and lock their doors. But not the Young's.

"We were just sitting in our house watching TV, and we heard what initially I thought were fireworks," says Judy Young. "My husband came down to see what was going on."

After realizing it was a shooting and that a 16-year old boy was injured, they didn't shy away. Instead they started directing traffic.

Judy Young says, "This is our neighborhood."

Chuck Young says, "This is a very good neighborhood. There are children here. It's close to a school. There are nice people here. This isn't the neighborhood that it was 15 years ago."

The Young's live right on the corner of Eureka and State. Police say that's where two men wearing hoodies walked up and shot the teen. The shooting is worse than the one the night before. Just a few blocks away, cars exchanged gunfire and ended up riddling two houses with bullets.

"We've worked hard to make this a nicer place for everyone and it makes me angry that people are encroaching on this area. Making it bad for the good, hard-working, honest people who live here," says Judy Young. "We formed a neighborhood watch and chased off a lot of the prostitutes."

They haven't had a neighborhood watch meeting in years because things started to get better, but after two shootings in just two days, the Young's say they're going to start again and they're not stopping there.

Chuck Young says, "Tuesday, we are going to go to the city and find out what we can about the houses that are 'infested' so to speak. Find the landlords, and get them involved."

Judy Young says, "Are you going to give up? You can't do that or they win, and there are enough of us here."

"They want to run down this neighborhood. They've come to the wrong place," says Chuck Young.

Police believe the shootings are related.

Police Chief Anthony Cobb says, "These acts of gun violence are extremely concerning. Champaign Police officers will use every legal means available to arrest these offenders and anyone else criminally associated with them."

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