U of I Faculty Group Pushes for Union

Published 02/15 2012 11:08PM

Updated 02/15 2012 11:10PM

URBANA -- U of I faculty says they're not included in big decisions on campus, and they think starting a union will give them more clout.

This all started with President Michael Hogan's enrollment management plan. Dozens of faculty members are against it. They've written letters to President Hogan; they've also gone through a faculty senate. But Professor Harriet Murav says nothing seems to be working. Murav is the president of the Campus Faculty Association. Both she and the group wants the faculty to start a union. She's hoping that will give professors more say in how the university is run.

"The president and the board of trustees don't have to listen to the faculty senate," said Murav. "When you hav faculty who are supported by Illinois law and have a right to collective bargining - then the situation changes."

Murav says it's not just about issues like the President's enrollment plan. It's things like pensions, raises, even tuition for students.

Right now, the group is still talking to faculty members and getting their take on things. But if they were to go forward with starting a union, it would likely take a few years before one is set in place.

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