U of I plans to add faculty, raise more money for scholarships

Published 01/10 2013 06:36PM

Updated 01/10 2013 06:38PM

CHAMPAIGN -- University of Illinois leaders have plans to expand in the future. Chancellor Phyllis Wise spoke with realtors at the I Hotel on Thursday afternoon.

She said the university is looking to add 150-200 faculty members in the next year. That will cover professors who are retiring, plus add new staff to expand their base. Wise said the university has a lot of good opportunities for the future, especially as they collaborate with other colleges in the country.

"A lot of grants that we're looking at today are not single investigator grants," said Wise. "They're grants that involve a lot of people from different universities and also public-private partnerships. We have a big new leadership team, we have students who are ready and faculty who are really optimistic so I'm very hopeful of where we can go."

Wise said the number of people applying to the University of Illinois has been on the rise as well. More than 32,000 potential students applied this year. That's a thousand more than last year. 

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