UI: Coast is Clear

Published 05/29 2012 05:53PM

Updated 05/29 2012 05:54PM

Update: 5:48 pm 05/29/12

URBANA- The U of I is letting students know the coast is clear. A chemical spill had the campus in a bit of a panic.
It happened last night around 10:00. A shelf full of chemicals collapsed at the Institute for Genomic Biology. One person was hurt but refused medical treatment.
The director of research safety says the lab is back to business as usual.
"This morning we got an environmental clean up firm to do some additional cleaning in the laboratory now the lab occupants have been allowed to go back in the lab and reorganize their materials and see what was affected and what was not."
Some students were upset they didn't get updates through the night letting them know what was going on.
The U of I says they followed standard procedure.

Original post: 10:00pm 05/28/12

URBANA -- A shelf collapse is what caused a chemical spill and injured a person at the Institute for Genomic Biology Monday night.

"Those chemicals collapsed on each other and created a hazardous environment inside the building," explained LT. Todd Short with the U of I Police Department.

Short said when the shelf broke at the IGB, located at 1206 W. Gregory Dr.,  the chemicals splashed onto someone's leg in the lab.  He said that person had minor injuries and refused medical treatment.

Police said they didn't know what the chemicals were.

The U of I sent out an Illini-Alert around 10:16 p.m. telling people, "Hazardous materials released at Institute for Genomic Biology. Escape area if safe to do so. Otherwise seek shelter."

"Well we didn't know (what the situation was at the time) so we would rather air on the side of caution," explained Short.

U of I spokeswoman Robin Kaler said the spill was contained to one room.

Around 11:08 p.m. another Illini-Alert was sent out saying, "The Hazardous Materials Spill at IGB, 1206 W Gregory Dr has been contained within the building. The area outside of IGB is safe."

Another alert went out at 11:27 p.m. saying, "The Institute for Genomic Biology has been safely evacuated. The area around the building is still safe. The fire department is mitigating the hazard."

Urbana Firefighters worked on the cleanup then the Champaign Fire Department Hazmat Response Team along with MABAS ( Mutual Aid Box Alarm System)  showed up about an hour later to help out.  Short said the Hazmat and MABAS would help firefighters on the scene decontaminate.

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