UI freshman class one of biggest & brightest!

Published 09/12 2013 12:44PM

Updated 09/12 2013 12:49PM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- New students on campus are already setting records at UI. They make up one of the largest and smartest classes ever. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau explains.

If you've driven through campus lately and thought to yourself, 'man, it seems a little more crowded than usual,' you're right.

"7,331 kids in the class."

"I can actually see that, now that you said that. This does seem like a pretty large class."

In fact, it's the second largest class ever to enroll at UI. So, why are more students choosing to wear the orange-and-blue?

"So many of my peers came back to my school and told me about the wonderful experience they had, and I knew I wanted that type of experience."

"It's wonderful to see, in this age of increasing competition, that students still see Illinois as a great school."

This year's freshmen are making sure the Illini stay great.

"It's also one of our highest-quality classes. Our average ACT score is 28.6 out of a possible 36, and more than one in five of these students is the first one in their family to attend college."

"I just love it here. The work is pretty difficult, but I'm ready to work strenuously."

So, even though the extra students may make your drive through campus a little difficult, they like the company.

"We all go into the lounge late at night, up 'til, like two in the morning, doing homework, making sure we're keeping each other on task."

The five top states where UI students come from are Illinois, California, New Jersey, Virginia and New York. They also come from more than 100 countries.

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